Contract Estimate

Contract Estimate

Construction estimating and tendering software

Estimating and tender appraisal from single user to multi user, our software is a true multi user system, compatible with all windows platforms and networks, including Citrix and Terminal Server.


Quickly and easily create composite items and rates and save them for future use. Whether you use our priced and resourced libraries or work from your own rates our software is a real time saver and includes all the copy and paste facilities you would expect from a true Windows system.

Comprehensive mark-up feature gives you the ability to mark-up or down any rate by estimate/title/sub-heading or even individual line items by a percentage or value. This then allows you to allocate profit or discount where you need it. The system will keep a detailed listing of all changes made. Also allows for wastage and overheads.

Full resource listings, all labour/plant/materials & sub-contractor requirements are automatically calculated for you, giving complete lists of all your requirements. There is also an advanced costing section that allows any resource to be altered and this can be applied to the contract you are working in only or can alter the fully priced libraries. These can then be used pre or post contract to help keep estimate prices up to date.

Optional automatic estimate numbering including the option for depots / business streams and user initials to be included in the estimate number. This allows multiple depots or even multiple businesses to run the same software.

All estimate details are held on one clear and easy to use screen. No moving from screen to screen as everything you need is at your fingertips.

Comes with a choice of fully priced and resourced libraries that hold all relevant descriptions and rates. See list of current libraries available.

Ability to copy and paste from existing libraries for fast build up of new rates and composites. Second reference available on all items for quick call up of commonly used items without the need for searching the libraries.

Attachments facility to track all e-mails and letters relating to the contract.

Ability to input bill of quantities / estimates / enquiries from other packages and formats using the CITE format, including our AUTO PRICE feature.

Ability to fax / print or e-mail any of the 60+ available reports as well as the ability to create your own, all reports can be exported or opened in word / excel / access etc. We can also supply bespoke reports to your exact requirements.

Ability to add start and finish dates against any task to give you an automatic program of works from your estimate. There are also more advanced project management links available providing all resource and cost information.

Comprehensive on-screen take-offs and re-measures (as shown above). Allows multiple dimension take-off's with annotations as well as allowing for deductions. An easy to use take-off screen that will appeal to any Q.S/P.Q.S or Contractor. Also available are digitisers and other digital take-off tools to decrease take-off time even further.

Copy contract facility which allows you to create templates from certain types of estimate. This allows you to make exact copies of an estimate and also includes an auto revision feature that makes an exact copy of a contract and gives it an automatic revision number. This then protects the original contract from being altered whilst also providing information on all the latest revisions and original contract numbers. A perfect example for using the copy facility for templates is a new build house. Although quantities may change the basic elements are almost always the same. Templates can be made easily and save so much time. Refers to attached sheets.

Contract status can be specified with detailed notes as well as tender due dates. This information can then be used on the tender appraisal feature which comes included with the basic system.

Contracts are logged on the system by time/date, who created by and any revised time and date. Extensive information is held on each contract and the tender appraisal facility can be used to search by any specified criteria.

Ability to add and show separately all Provisional Sums / Prime Costs / PC Sums / Preliminaries / Variations / Day Works and much more for detailed costings, with detailed costing reports.

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